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#plantabilliontrees #wegrowtrees

Zimbabwe's population is approx. 17 million. To plant a billion trees, each person needs 59 trees planted, so maybe we need to plant outside Zimbabwe's borders as well, Our target is to supply a billion trees, and to grow a sizable proportion of those.Under the #plantabilliontrees #wegrowtrees #onemoretree #accountability, we motivate people from all walks of life to plant trees. We also plant (keeping track of how many)  trees at every turn. Connect with our growing Facebook Community here and be part of the move

Green Buildings


A group for all gardening and plant lovers in Zimbabwe (and Zimbabweans in the diaspora). You don't have to own a large landscaped garden, or be a professional gardener - you can post your pot-plant (lets put those phones to good use), your veggie garden behind the house, or your professionally landscaped garden - as long as you are a garden and plant lover, the rest of us would love to hear what you are doing! The idea is to share and learn. Join Community


Nyasha's Agric products

Our fresh farm produce sales platform on social media. Check what we have for sale Link coming

Green Buildings


Bees are one of the planet's little heroes. As they buzz from one flower to another, collecting nectar and pollinating plants, very few people know the important job they do. The 'Thinking bees' project is about providing habitat for the bees, and co-existence, including enjoying delicious, golden honey in the process.  Activities includes training farmers and others on how to make the little buzzers part of their farm environment


More details coming about the bee project...

Bee on Flower

#StressFreeZone #NiashagardensChinhoyi

Connect with Niasha Gardens on our Facebook Page and Instagram Page. You can follow our events, 'behind the scenes' and even benefit from some botanical lessons


Gigi Truck Inn, Camping & Caravan

Truckers, drivers, transporters and travellers through Chinhoyi , Gigi Truck Inn is the officially designated Truck park in Chinhoyi. Secure parking, a hot, hearty, delicious meal, a shower and a game or two on the Sports channel awaits you here, and you will be as good as new again to hit the highway. Get Directions and follow our activitie

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