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About Niasha Gardens

Niasha Gardens is a multi-themed landscaped complex run as a recreational park and designed to host unforgettable events.  Situated in Showgrounds, Chinhoyi, it is just ten minutes’ walk from the Chirundu/Kariba highway (i.e. Magamba Way as it passes through Chinhoyi Town Centre). The uniquely landscaped natural environment provides a beautiful setting for life's important milestones and corporate and social functions: workshops, retreats, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays,picnics, braais, retreats, rooras, and many other 'on demand' events.

Niasha Gardens also boasts a large plant nursery which reflects the large collection of botanical specimens that was used to landscape the garden. Accommodation can also be provided with sufficient advance booking.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our valued clients with a beautiful venue for a wide range of gatherings, from fun family gatherings all the way to exclusive corporate events. Besides providing excellent value to our clients, our vision is that their enjoyment and appreciation for God's creativity in the natural environment is enhanced.

At Niasha Gardens  you experience the soothing, calming, and rejuvenating miracle of the garden. In the very beginning, God planted a garden and put the first man there. The first wedding happened there. God used to visit man in the garden. As a poet famously put it, “if ever a mortal will hear the voice of God, it would be in the garden in the cool of the day”.


Whether it’s a family picnic, a couple blissfully in love, a wedding, a corporate event, or a farmer picking up fruit trees for his plantation, we believe these activities beautiful experiences in Niasha Gardens. Not only that, you can take away a piece of the miracle in the form of plants from the large variety of ornamental and edible plants in our plant nursery, or pictures that capture beautiful moments in the garden for posterity. 


We are in the business of creating beautiful memories... Because life is beautiful, and life is a gift, and should be enjoyed!!

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